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A quote to live by

The seventeenth of April is two things, first it is my mothers birthday, who raised me and taught me that right is right and left is wrong, and there will be a comemorative blogpost for her from Calabogie, which happens to be the same day, the seventeenth. That blog post will appear here and on my new, easy-blog;

The first race of the season Calabogie RR happens on a great wide open race course and I had the honor of getting my first W there last year. I hope that the course hasnt changed dramatically and I know that the weatherman does not know what the hell he is talking about, but I am planning for great weather.

Todays quote is wise, because I am writing an exam in 2 hours

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool…


Please check in again, as the racing season starts, and school widdles down to nothing, I will be having crazy frequent updates on the daily what.


P.S. This was the first “In-Season Racing” post, I cant wait to post more of these



Last few weeks have been a rudiculous a mess, I got sick, training was stalled, assignments were being thrown out left right and center and training was pretty much at its highest volume, ever. But that’s over and its not really over because most of the training is the same, and the school is the same and now there are exams, but I am not sick so everything is moving along smoothly and that is great.

This quote has gathered my attention

“Education secretary Michael Gove has suggested that children as young as 11 should be reading 50 books a year”

Well hold on there, that is a lot of books, 50 books a year equals to a book a week and with twitter/facebook and the general internet is taking up most of peoples free time. Where am I supposed to find the time to read a book a week. Where are you going to find the time?

Simple, short answer is that you are not going to, and you wont read 50 books.  I guess the idea behind it is guilt… I am going to recommend that people read 50 books and if they only read 10, they will feel really guilty and hopefully read more next year

Here’s hoping!

I have always been a big advocate for reading, so I say go read your books…


IN racing news it is now March 30th and the first race of the season is what April 17th in Calabogie? Now there is a strong, strong motivation to kickass out there. And training is much of the same, a few hours daily of different intensities with a major test thrown in there.

So that’s 18 days till race one, till I get out of this offseason slump and I can finally click “in-season racing” instead of “off-season ranting”

I know you are all looking forward to that too…





Read the article from this post here:




This week has to be the week I find a job, ahah you thought that title was about moose.

Its not.

While job hunting business sounds all great, there are some… duties that come with having a job. Part time or full time you are expected to WORK, someone is paying you to move boxes, deliver boxes, sit on boxes, throw boxes, stack boxes and box boxes.

That just makes me want to work less so enough about working.

School is pretty much the same; I am learning how the politics around the world is threatening the global environment and how nobody is doing anything about anything. There is terror in Libya, which makes this a pretty monumental time to be alive, first the Egyptian people get what they were after and now the Libyans are trying to get their way but their leader has a different idea for their fate.

What’s surprising about all of this is how little of an effect there is on yours truly, and you too have probably only noticed that your fuel bill at the end of the month is getting pricier and its on the cover of the newspaper every day. There are no bombs being threatened to land on your head, we are just (sometimes) keen observers over all of these issues, but I guess that is the role that Canada has always played… You are probably tired of hearing about Libya (real shame) so I’ll stop talking about it.

Training, oh baby, training deserves a post of its own. It is ramping up just about as fast as protests in Libya! Tomorrow is calling for a three hour outdoor ride, the peaks notes to “ride OUTSIDE the weather should be good” I assume by good there is no snow and its above -10

Found myself really un-motivated after training camp, probably because I had more responsibilities than just rolling out of bed, eating oats, riding, eating pasta, and sleeping… but now getting into the grove again. Time to dummy another assignment and train my ass off. Might be getting some company for a few rides soon, as hey, its almost spring! how many days is that…

only 12 if you dont count tomorrow which is almost finished anyway
only 8 if you dont count weekends because they fly by!
only 4 if you dont count the time I will be sleeping!!

Thats 4 days till spring! Holy crap, I have to take off the snow tires, mow the lawn and start importing foreign beer!


A quote to live by

The ability to prepare to win is as important as the will to win.

– Bobby Knight


Maybe you are reading this because you are avoiding doing something else, maybe the kids are asleep or you really have nothing to do, in any case I am currently avoiding doing what really needs to be done, writing an essay on: new topic: capitalism and globalization. Yeah I can tell you are just as excited as I am, so I might as well update you on how the training is going!

After an awesome week in London with a few other athletes who are going to rip it up this season (when the season gets here) I feel great! Happy to say I have never dug myself into that kind of hole, and for being in that state for a week I feel awesome. It was really the support and the fact that all my responsibilities were to ride, eat, and sleep for almost an entire week I could not go wrong.

Back to the daily grind and my first day back at school was a gong show! The weather was great but made mounds of slush every step (not good) class is norm – nothing special and I left early to… get ahead on school work which got turned into mega procrastination and now I am here.

I have even pushed back my ride for today which I really should get onto doing… can’t explain the low motivation to move.. but I will blame the weather, and the bus. DAMN BUS.

Now get to work, I know you have something better to be doing, im going to ride.



Some good training

London, Ontario is not the first place you think of when Ontarians say they are going away for a training camp, but let me tell you that this week has hardened me up to Ontario standards. There is none of this warm weather BS up here. We have had four days of negative degree temperatures stomping out double days every day. Killing it.

It feels great to watch some cycling videos from team websites and be doing comparable workouts, feeling pretty good right now. Even though according to Training Peaks I should be a sloppy mess like Dina from J-shore the “slop-appotomus” coined by the sitch. Fry, Balestrini and I had a good ride yesterday seeing all of London with some huge loops. “Now there are no excuses to do rides when there is a little bit of rain” that’s right almost 5 hours in some neg degrees will make you say that.

It would be cool too to come to this camp to do motor pacing, that is when the roads are not covered with snow.

On the map today is some stretching core work and just a 3 hour ride outside, with some “efforts” written there to make sure that we know that we will be hurting after todays ride.

I’m going to write an essay now, long ways to go before I can tell you all of the politics behind the IMF but I’ll try.. oh I’ll try

Overall nice to taste the experience of a pro cyclist, even if it is for less than a week




This morning I got to work with a local photographer for some shots for this website, from what I have seen they look awesome… but thats just my ego speaking, (They do look awesome) So look for those up in the coming weeks, got some pics riding in the snow it will be awesome. Check out his website you’ll see my mug on the website soon enough.

Right now I am preparing for the next few days on and off the bike I will have to dial it in because I have a few heavy training days coming up including some heavy snowshoeing and riding at the Forest City Velodrome in London.

Next week will be my reading week and I plan on doing an essay on Canadian nuclear policy which is good because I am interested in crushing mainly my TA’s bias and general hate towards nuclear.. But she, unfortunately, has the ability to crush my grades so I’ll be walking a fine line with that one.

Currently my bike is filthy and it will be that way for the next half week, mainly because of laziness on my part, oh the salt that can only do wonders to the components right? Check in for some updates from London later.




A quote to live by

“Don’t ask what the world needs.
ask what makes you come alive,
and go do it.
because what the world needs
is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

Swedish House Mafia

So I have to give these guys some credit for making my workouts incredible lately

Three artists have joined up to create something epic,

I hope you enjoy listening, as I am right now


Check them out, and sample some of their tunes here:




On the board

This week has been a well deserved rest week… allowing the legs and the mind to recover a bit before the next kick-ass week of training which really begins on Saturday, who knows whats in store next week.. well I do a trip down to London to roll out the legs at the FCV – ready to rip it up

I also decided not to go anywhere this spring which includes the OCAs spring camp in South Carolina, less money in my bank account than your first child, much less…

Currently hooked on the Bright Lights Bigger City by Cee-Lo green, check it out at the end of this post.

Nothing to complain about at all, school is going better than ever and if all goes according to plan I will be finished with it and have a valuable degree in about one years time. Then watch out, or else you might miss me.

I hope you are all keeping track of the tour of Qatar which is shaping up to be a battle… for HTC my favourite this season, hope they can keep up the GREAT work all season but they really could fade.. As Stef says the Shleck bros could be a real threat at the tdf later this year, we will see

39 days till the start of spring and just about 70 before the first O-Cup – expect the most

Until next time, open up your ears and click the link below – its alllll riiighhhtttt!

Cee- Lo Green – Bright Lights, Bigger City

(link removed, use one above)