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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

February 16, 2012

While half of the world develops into the fuel hungry past that we have become it is our responsibility in the already-developed world to provide the information and tools that will allow the developing nations to exist without the heavy reliance on fossil fuels that we have developed.

The Go-Transit terminal at McCowan Road and Bullock Road in Markham, Ontario is in the process of installing at least 4 new electric charging stations in their newly built parking garage complex. This 7-floor complex was built above ground with what looks to be resource efficient materials such as concrete and steel, that will last for generations. In their attempt to become a green facility they spared no expense when it came to lighting as the facility is lit with hundreds of LED lights.

It is not every day that you think about a parking structure as being evolutionary, but in this case this structure and what it will be providing in the future, including the connectivity with alternative transit systems is essential for the development of our new energy platforms in the developed world. A world that has been very reliant on fossil fuels.

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