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York University Track and Field Center – Toronto Athlete Reviews

December 5, 2011

I am currently enrolled as a full time student at York University, so I do spend a lot of time at this place. It only makes logical sense for me to review the facilities that I frequent. A view from the outside:

I only care about the track facility so that is what I will be reviewing today. The facility as a whole has some funding from York University and the City of Toronto, so it is a multi-use facility and according to the website it has several squash courts and other facilities that a track center really doesn’t need.

The facility is located on the North Side of Ian MacDonald Blvd, which is on the north side of campus right by Steele’s avenue. Close to the football field, health faculty, and the Can Ice center, where I suppose there is Ice, that is Canadian.  So it’s in good company.

I remember this place from when I was much younger. Running track and field with my elementary and high school teams. This was the place where medals were won and records were broken. Or where SOME people won medals and OTHERS broke records.

As you enter you are greeted with some familiar faces of the centers staff and students that are lucky enough to work there. Then you are welcomed with payment information, and

Walk ahead a bit and there’s a line on the ground “Athletes Only” you get that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when someone calls you an athlete, then stop, forgetting to change out of your street clothes but then you do and turn into a running machine.

The track features two ovals, including the real 400 meter track with sloped banks at either end and lines that make sure you know when to stop and finish. The facility also features a 600 meter track around the outside of the main track which is for warming up jogging or whatever you do on a flat 600 meter track.

Beside the track there is a sprinters track which is about 125-150 meters long, and is ideal for intervals. All of the tracks surfaces are padded so its easy on the joints for all of your workouts.

The facility also has excersise equipment including machines and free-weights all over the perimiter, ideal for a run and a workout, a run or a workout or just a run and just a workout.

IDEAL. It’s good to be a Toronto Athlete.

Use the place? let me know in the comments below

Christian Jug

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