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Nith River Road Race – Report, 2011

May 27, 2011

First, a huge thanks to Greg for getting me on the road this past weekend, not pre-registering was ill advised on my part. After that added stress I eventually got the green light to race, registered and got my numbers. I was good to go.

Nith was another well-organized race that dragged us around the river itself, which goes through Perth, and Oxford and eventually to Waterloo. The S3 Race started like your average race, with less than expected attacks off the front from the juniors, I had made it a point to sit in, sit back (doing the Donut Ride in Toronto the day before a race is a new ritual).

Laps 1 and 2 of 5 were comfortable, although I’m sure that for the folks up front there was some major efforts going off and getting caught. Queue the thunder. Rolling up to the line at the end of lap 2 the sky grew dark and the rain began to fall. Until this point the field had pretty good weather. Dry as a bone and temps in the twenties. As we rolled in on the third lap the lightning was flashing and the rain was pouring. Attack, Attack!

Lap 3 of 5 in the headwind section was where the break was established. The group that got off the front had a few impressive faces that I knew had the ability to stay away and gain time on the peloton. So began the mission in itself to get to the break. Tagging along were some familiar faces that I knew would only help grow the lead of the break. So that was it, the break was in gear and motoring along pulling through the rain. (At least most of us were pulling)

Lap 4 of 5 at this point the rain has stopped and the sky is clearing, the bikes are now starting to dry and creak and so is the road. We have an impressive lead over the field; looking back they are not visible.

It could have been too much tire pressure, too high speed, a bad angle, dust, anything.


Sliding across corner 4, I hear other riders holler, I see officials cringe and blood appear on old scars.
Worse; riders blasting away into the tailwind

“Fuck me”, I pick myself up, then the bike, rattled, bent derailleur hanger, chains off, crooked handlebars. I throw it all back together, and get my leg over.

No mans land is now occupied.

Soon can see a rider in the distance that got dropped from the pack, I’ve got a new mission: catch. Its Johann from Lapdogs, we worked together through being cooked (Thanks man) I reached the finish, Eighth.

This weekend; the Toronto Criterium at the St. Lawrence market come out and support us.



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