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Bike the Bruce Road Race – Report, 2011

May 18, 2011

This past weekend I raced in Bike the Bruce road race, near Wiarton, Ontario.

Overall the race was well organized, it was easy to find parking (for some people) and registration was easy and all, considering that there is no on-site registration allowed anymore.

In my mind I think the OCA is making a mistake in taking away this part of racing. The community is missing out on the people that would just show up and race. This group of people could include novices or citizens, cadets or juniors that would end up ripping up the scene in a few years. This mandatory online registration is making it more inaccessible as a sport, instead of the opposite.

To the race!

I am still in Senior 3, in this race I got to ride with almost the entire SRS squad, which was great. Each of the guys took a shot at the gold being a part of or in at least one break, well done beys. Scott who made the final break took home bronze, congrats.

The race itself was alot of the same, after the first lap the commissaire yelled at the field that the pace needed to be picked up or else we would be overtaken by the Masters racers.

Fuck that! I began racing.

I took a bit of a flyer off the front and found myself caught in about 10 seconds, typical. The wind on Sunday was something else, I mean it was blow off your hat windy and yeah we were pushing our pedals trying to move faster than the wind could slow us down.

I continued pulling… and continued pulling… and continued…

There were a few breaks that managed to sneak away prior to the last lap but were always pulled back, then one got away before the turn-around in Wiarton on the final lap. Initiated by yours truly I was just playing with the field as I had been for the last two laps, Scott got excited and took off, he looked back at me, I shrugged (assuming a break wouldn’t form) and then two riders joined him. I sat back into the pack, and they slowly but surely gained time, 10 s, 20 s, 60 s, soon they were out of sight.

I had “a guy in the break” what more do I need. The Real Deal team tried balls to the floor for the last 10 k to catch the break but, it was too little, too late. The break got away and that was the end of the race.

I had finished 13th, but I’m not mad.

See you on the road;



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