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Good Friday Road Race – Report, 2011

April 28, 2011


Congrats to all those that succeeded in this years Good Friday race, I am glad that I was able to be a part of that.

This year’s race proved to be interesting, after last weekends successful Calabogie trial I was confident and ready to race when I arrived. Thanks to teammates for dropping by the truck to wish me luck and help out getting sorted (Max, cheers) Before I knew it was time to start. And I was off! A bunch of us really wanted this race to go one way, but whatever Gods exist, be it leg Gods did not have me on the schedule that day, I wasn’t even on the schedule myself. After doing everything I learned not to do last year I continued to ride like a chicken without his head until the final few km were I saw some organization for the team, I thought to myself… Awesome, these boys are ready to kill it. After a while, though, there was no killing and I was at the front slowly getting sorted out to the rear of the pack. I moved to the right of the group to get the hell out of this backwards-moving current. Thankfully Matt was there and gave me his position in the pack, moved my face to about fifth position and this is where I would die, finish the race in sixth.

Cheers to the Soigneur Race Services boys, for doing everything in your power to get me there,

Everyone on SRS is ready to STOMP on Sunday at Springbank Road Race in London, ON.

1 thru 6 baby


Just found this sweet ass photo in my library, can’t wait to be there.


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