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Calabogie Road Race – Report, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hey folks, heres a quick fill-you-in on the race this past weekend in Calabogie, Ontario

Laps one two and three were filled with junior attacks off the front only to be caught every time without fail including a few initiated and drawn back by myself. As the peloton settled into a rhythm of a long boring race there was an effort by Rob Bruce that was let out for a longer stretch than the last 25 break attempts, slowly he gained a 10 or so second advantage and I decided it was time to press. I bridged up the gap to him and without saying a word for pretty much the rest of the race we were on, hammering the pedals we used what was sure to be confusion of passing fields to gain a minute advantage that we held, for the rest of the race. Working well together we were taking turns inside and outside of the wind gusts that were sure to be splintering the group a minute back.  Calabogie Motorsports Park offered us a great venue with wide turns that allowed for some easy math to see exactly how far back the group was. Sitting at around 50 seconds I assumed was a safe pace to set, slowly I worked that gap to 1:30 and that’s where it stuck to the final seconds where a well-executed final sprint offered to me as a lead out before the final meters, where I took the w. Another year at Calabogie another great success.

Thanks to the supporters for sticking out the cold and those at home waiting to hear the good news, the start of another incredible year, guaranteed.



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