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March 30, 2011

Last few weeks have been a rudiculous a mess, I got sick, training was stalled, assignments were being thrown out left right and center and training was pretty much at its highest volume, ever. But that’s over and its not really over because most of the training is the same, and the school is the same and now there are exams, but I am not sick so everything is moving along smoothly and that is great.

This quote has gathered my attention

“Education secretary Michael Gove has suggested that children as young as 11 should be reading 50 books a year”

Well hold on there, that is a lot of books, 50 books a year equals to a book a week and with twitter/facebook and the general internet is taking up most of peoples free time. Where am I supposed to find the time to read a book a week. Where are you going to find the time?

Simple, short answer is that you are not going to, and you wont read 50 books.  I guess the idea behind it is guilt… I am going to recommend that people read 50 books and if they only read 10, they will feel really guilty and hopefully read more next year

Here’s hoping!

I have always been a big advocate for reading, so I say go read your books…


IN racing news it is now March 30th and the first race of the season is what April 17th in Calabogie? Now there is a strong, strong motivation to kickass out there. And training is much of the same, a few hours daily of different intensities with a major test thrown in there.

So that’s 18 days till race one, till I get out of this offseason slump and I can finally click “in-season racing” instead of “off-season ranting”

I know you are all looking forward to that too…





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