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March 7, 2011

This week has to be the week I find a job, ahah you thought that title was about moose.

Its not.

While job hunting business sounds all great, there are some… duties that come with having a job. Part time or full time you are expected to WORK, someone is paying you to move boxes, deliver boxes, sit on boxes, throw boxes, stack boxes and box boxes.

That just makes me want to work less so enough about working.

School is pretty much the same; I am learning how the politics around the world is threatening the global environment and how nobody is doing anything about anything. There is terror in Libya, which makes this a pretty monumental time to be alive, first the Egyptian people get what they were after and now the Libyans are trying to get their way but their leader has a different idea for their fate.

What’s surprising about all of this is how little of an effect there is on yours truly, and you too have probably only noticed that your fuel bill at the end of the month is getting pricier and its on the cover of the newspaper every day. There are no bombs being threatened to land on your head, we are just (sometimes) keen observers over all of these issues, but I guess that is the role that Canada has always played… You are probably tired of hearing about Libya (real shame) so I’ll stop talking about it.

Training, oh baby, training deserves a post of its own. It is ramping up just about as fast as protests in Libya! Tomorrow is calling for a three hour outdoor ride, the peaks notes to “ride OUTSIDE the weather should be good” I assume by good there is no snow and its above -10

Found myself really un-motivated after training camp, probably because I had more responsibilities than just rolling out of bed, eating oats, riding, eating pasta, and sleeping… but now getting into the grove again. Time to dummy another assignment and train my ass off. Might be getting some company for a few rides soon, as hey, its almost spring! how many days is that…

only 12 if you dont count tomorrow which is almost finished anyway
only 8 if you dont count weekends because they fly by!
only 4 if you dont count the time I will be sleeping!!

Thats 4 days till spring! Holy crap, I have to take off the snow tires, mow the lawn and start importing foreign beer!


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