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February 28, 2011

Maybe you are reading this because you are avoiding doing something else, maybe the kids are asleep or you really have nothing to do, in any case I am currently avoiding doing what really needs to be done, writing an essay on: new topic: capitalism and globalization. Yeah I can tell you are just as excited as I am, so I might as well update you on how the training is going!

After an awesome week in London with a few other athletes who are going to rip it up this season (when the season gets here) I feel great! Happy to say I have never dug myself into that kind of hole, and for being in that state for a week I feel awesome. It was really the support and the fact that all my responsibilities were to ride, eat, and sleep for almost an entire week I could not go wrong.

Back to the daily grind and my first day back at school was a gong show! The weather was great but made mounds of slush every step (not good) class is norm – nothing special and I left early to… get ahead on school work which got turned into mega procrastination and now I am here.

I have even pushed back my ride for today which I really should get onto doing… can’t explain the low motivation to move.. but I will blame the weather, and the bus. DAMN BUS.

Now get to work, I know you have something better to be doing, im going to ride.



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