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Some good training

February 24, 2011

London, Ontario is not the first place you think of when Ontarians say they are going away for a training camp, but let me tell you that this week has hardened me up to Ontario standards. There is none of this warm weather BS up here. We have had four days of negative degree temperatures stomping out double days every day. Killing it.

It feels great to watch some cycling videos from team websites and be doing comparable workouts, feeling pretty good right now. Even though according to Training Peaks I should be a sloppy mess like Dina from J-shore the “slop-appotomus” coined by the sitch. Fry, Balestrini and I had a good ride yesterday seeing all of London with some huge loops. “Now there are no excuses to do rides when there is a little bit of rain” that’s right almost 5 hours in some neg degrees will make you say that.

It would be cool too to come to this camp to do motor pacing, that is when the roads are not covered with snow.

On the map today is some stretching core work and just a 3 hour ride outside, with some “efforts” written there to make sure that we know that we will be hurting after todays ride.

I’m going to write an essay now, long ways to go before I can tell you all of the politics behind the IMF but I’ll try.. oh I’ll try

Overall nice to taste the experience of a pro cyclist, even if it is for less than a week



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