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February 17, 2011

This morning I got to work with a local photographer for some shots for this website, from what I have seen they look awesome… but thats just my ego speaking, (They do look awesome) So look for those up in the coming weeks, got some pics riding in the snow it will be awesome. Check out his website you’ll see my mug on the website soon enough.

Right now I am preparing for the next few days on and off the bike I will have to dial it in because I have a few heavy training days coming up including some heavy snowshoeing and riding at the Forest City Velodrome in London.

Next week will be my reading week and I plan on doing an essay on Canadian nuclear policy which is good because I am interested in crushing mainly my TA’s bias and general hate towards nuclear.. But she, unfortunately, has the ability to crush my grades so I’ll be walking a fine line with that one.

Currently my bike is filthy and it will be that way for the next half week, mainly because of laziness on my part, oh the salt that can only do wonders to the components right? Check in for some updates from London later.




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  1. I wanted to add, but instead published…
    But im going to have a sweet nap right now, you dont even know

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