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January 30, 2011

The off-season has given me some time to think about getting my act together in terms of this blog. So here is the new and not-really-improved blog and this time it is going to stick, but then again every blog in computing history has said “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” and I want to try and avoid doing that. I had to start writing again because I was too motivated by cyclocross worlds which marks the ends of the cross season. Huge shout out to the juniors representing Canada. More importantly the end of cross season means we’re that much closer to the beginning of the 2011 road season here in Ontario.

Lets see, picking up where I left off… months ago

Winter training is about as much fun as riding a horse that is running on a treadmill, your brain is the passenger and your body, the horse. That’s not all bad – actually it’s mostly good which is why I tell myself that I have to keep pedaling.

Thats me.

I don’t want to bog down your brain with too much news, but this year is off to an awesome start. I will be racing with the SRS Race Team in the first part of the season, and seeing where that takes me (here’s hoping it takes me down).

STOKED – the folks at the OCA decided to make the O-Cup races all of the races I did well at last season, so I am fully looking forward to the Cups this season those badass races include, Calabogie, the Bruce, KW. All these efforts working my way to a show at Nationals, which are within walking distance this year.


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