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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

While half of the world develops into the fuel hungry past that we have become it is our responsibility in the already-developed world to provide the information and tools that will allow the developing nations to exist without the heavy reliance on fossil fuels that we have developed.

The Go-Transit terminal at McCowan Road and Bullock Road in Markham, Ontario is in the process of installing at least 4 new electric charging stations in their newly built parking garage complex. This 7-floor complex was built above ground with what looks to be resource efficient materials such as concrete and steel, that will last for generations. In their attempt to become a green facility they spared no expense when it came to lighting as the facility is lit with hundreds of LED lights.

It is not every day that you think about a parking structure as being evolutionary, but in this case this structure and what it will be providing in the future, including the connectivity with alternative transit systems is essential for the development of our new energy platforms in the developed world. A world that has been very reliant on fossil fuels.

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York University Track and Field Center – Toronto Athlete Reviews

I am currently enrolled as a full time student at York University, so I do spend a lot of time at this place. It only makes logical sense for me to review the facilities that I frequent. A view from the outside:

I only care about the track facility so that is what I will be reviewing today. The facility as a whole has some funding from York University and the City of Toronto, so it is a multi-use facility and according to the website it has several squash courts and other facilities that a track center really doesn’t need.

The facility is located on the North Side of Ian MacDonald Blvd, which is on the north side of campus right by Steele’s avenue. Close to the football field, health faculty, and the Can Ice center, where I suppose there is Ice, that is Canadian.  So it’s in good company.

I remember this place from when I was much younger. Running track and field with my elementary and high school teams. This was the place where medals were won and records were broken. Or where SOME people won medals and OTHERS broke records.

As you enter you are greeted with some familiar faces of the centers staff and students that are lucky enough to work there. Then you are welcomed with payment information, and

Walk ahead a bit and there’s a line on the ground “Athletes Only” you get that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when someone calls you an athlete, then stop, forgetting to change out of your street clothes but then you do and turn into a running machine.

The track features two ovals, including the real 400 meter track with sloped banks at either end and lines that make sure you know when to stop and finish. The facility also features a 600 meter track around the outside of the main track which is for warming up jogging or whatever you do on a flat 600 meter track.

Beside the track there is a sprinters track which is about 125-150 meters long, and is ideal for intervals. All of the tracks surfaces are padded so its easy on the joints for all of your workouts.

The facility also has excersise equipment including machines and free-weights all over the perimiter, ideal for a run and a workout, a run or a workout or just a run and just a workout.

IDEAL. It’s good to be a Toronto Athlete.

Use the place? let me know in the comments below

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Skiing vids, this time, no mountain

Street skiing, obviously more fun in BC than it would be across Ontario

Gets good, mid way thru

A Quote to Live by

This quote is from Albert, do what you love.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein

And a boat

This midget belongs to the Saudi Arabian Defense Minister, obviously he makes a measly income to afford something like this. I would violently opposte this.. thats for sure

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Changes now and moving forward

This year was a crazy year for racing; I moved myself up to Senior 2 from 3 and proceeded to blow up. Blood tests revealed some imbalances that needed to be fixed, and have been, so here I am.

This winter I am going to go for a different approach from my first and second seasons, I am going to ride without a coach, which I’m hoping will work out.

In addition to being a different winter of training, my blogging will be different.  Beginning in December (today) I will be travelling to places all over Southern Ontario that are trying to expand the sport of cycling, other places that exist for athletes of all sorts to become a better in their disciplines, or places that are available to do some great cross training, look forward to some visuals, and reviews of the places I visit.

Next blog post will include a review of the new Spider-Tech Power Watts studio in Scarborough.


The view on Birchmount before the "right" turn

Keep those legs spinning;


Nith River Road Race – Report, 2011

First, a huge thanks to Greg for getting me on the road this past weekend, not pre-registering was ill advised on my part. After that added stress I eventually got the green light to race, registered and got my numbers. I was good to go.

Nith was another well-organized race that dragged us around the river itself, which goes through Perth, and Oxford and eventually to Waterloo. The S3 Race started like your average race, with less than expected attacks off the front from the juniors, I had made it a point to sit in, sit back (doing the Donut Ride in Toronto the day before a race is a new ritual).

Laps 1 and 2 of 5 were comfortable, although I’m sure that for the folks up front there was some major efforts going off and getting caught. Queue the thunder. Rolling up to the line at the end of lap 2 the sky grew dark and the rain began to fall. Until this point the field had pretty good weather. Dry as a bone and temps in the twenties. As we rolled in on the third lap the lightning was flashing and the rain was pouring. Attack, Attack!

Lap 3 of 5 in the headwind section was where the break was established. The group that got off the front had a few impressive faces that I knew had the ability to stay away and gain time on the peloton. So began the mission in itself to get to the break. Tagging along were some familiar faces that I knew would only help grow the lead of the break. So that was it, the break was in gear and motoring along pulling through the rain. (At least most of us were pulling)

Lap 4 of 5 at this point the rain has stopped and the sky is clearing, the bikes are now starting to dry and creak and so is the road. We have an impressive lead over the field; looking back they are not visible.

It could have been too much tire pressure, too high speed, a bad angle, dust, anything.


Sliding across corner 4, I hear other riders holler, I see officials cringe and blood appear on old scars.
Worse; riders blasting away into the tailwind

“Fuck me”, I pick myself up, then the bike, rattled, bent derailleur hanger, chains off, crooked handlebars. I throw it all back together, and get my leg over.

No mans land is now occupied.

Soon can see a rider in the distance that got dropped from the pack, I’ve got a new mission: catch. Its Johann from Lapdogs, we worked together through being cooked (Thanks man) I reached the finish, Eighth.

This weekend; the Toronto Criterium at the St. Lawrence market come out and support us.


Bike the Bruce Road Race – Report, 2011

This past weekend I raced in Bike the Bruce road race, near Wiarton, Ontario.

Overall the race was well organized, it was easy to find parking (for some people) and registration was easy and all, considering that there is no on-site registration allowed anymore.

In my mind I think the OCA is making a mistake in taking away this part of racing. The community is missing out on the people that would just show up and race. This group of people could include novices or citizens, cadets or juniors that would end up ripping up the scene in a few years. This mandatory online registration is making it more inaccessible as a sport, instead of the opposite.

To the race!

I am still in Senior 3, in this race I got to ride with almost the entire SRS squad, which was great. Each of the guys took a shot at the gold being a part of or in at least one break, well done beys. Scott who made the final break took home bronze, congrats.

The race itself was alot of the same, after the first lap the commissaire yelled at the field that the pace needed to be picked up or else we would be overtaken by the Masters racers.

Fuck that! I began racing.

I took a bit of a flyer off the front and found myself caught in about 10 seconds, typical. The wind on Sunday was something else, I mean it was blow off your hat windy and yeah we were pushing our pedals trying to move faster than the wind could slow us down.

I continued pulling… and continued pulling… and continued…

There were a few breaks that managed to sneak away prior to the last lap but were always pulled back, then one got away before the turn-around in Wiarton on the final lap. Initiated by yours truly I was just playing with the field as I had been for the last two laps, Scott got excited and took off, he looked back at me, I shrugged (assuming a break wouldn’t form) and then two riders joined him. I sat back into the pack, and they slowly but surely gained time, 10 s, 20 s, 60 s, soon they were out of sight.

I had “a guy in the break” what more do I need. The Real Deal team tried balls to the floor for the last 10 k to catch the break but, it was too little, too late. The break got away and that was the end of the race.

I had finished 13th, but I’m not mad.

See you on the road;


Springbank Road Race – Report, 2011

I have to start off by thanking my supporters this weekend especially the Secco family in Denfield, Ontario. They were awesome hosts. Cheers.

Once again this season I was late to get to the race, I miscalculated the time it would take me to get lost and eventually find the park, so another OCA race another race without a warm-up. The race was pretty much a blur; there were crashes, stops, torrential rain, and general mayhem. Fortunately I managed to stay upright, and with the winners circle and squeezed out a second place. That gives me 9 points, and makes me think that a move to the big leagues is forthcoming, shortly.

The race itself was short, and somewhat slower than average, with an average speed of 36.something kilometers an hour. Though, the crashes were a major slow down and added to the overall confusion of the entire field.
Congrats to the winner, Tim B. for yet another this year, and to round off the top five Jeff M. from the Waterloo days was a familiar face for the entire race.

This weekend will be a chill one, with a Markham Cyclepath ride (which you should attend), and of course got to buy the mother something for the big day on Sunday.

Image- 2nd place sporting the brand new SRS jersey, whoo-ee

Cheers to everyone,
See you on the road.


Photo courtesy of Bob Steer, Canadian Cyclist

Good Friday Road Race – Report, 2011


Congrats to all those that succeeded in this years Good Friday race, I am glad that I was able to be a part of that.

This year’s race proved to be interesting, after last weekends successful Calabogie trial I was confident and ready to race when I arrived. Thanks to teammates for dropping by the truck to wish me luck and help out getting sorted (Max, cheers) Before I knew it was time to start. And I was off! A bunch of us really wanted this race to go one way, but whatever Gods exist, be it leg Gods did not have me on the schedule that day, I wasn’t even on the schedule myself. After doing everything I learned not to do last year I continued to ride like a chicken without his head until the final few km were I saw some organization for the team, I thought to myself… Awesome, these boys are ready to kill it. After a while, though, there was no killing and I was at the front slowly getting sorted out to the rear of the pack. I moved to the right of the group to get the hell out of this backwards-moving current. Thankfully Matt was there and gave me his position in the pack, moved my face to about fifth position and this is where I would die, finish the race in sixth.

Cheers to the Soigneur Race Services boys, for doing everything in your power to get me there,

Everyone on SRS is ready to STOMP on Sunday at Springbank Road Race in London, ON.

1 thru 6 baby


Just found this sweet ass photo in my library, can’t wait to be there.

Calabogie Road Race – Report, 2011

Hey folks, heres a quick fill-you-in on the race this past weekend in Calabogie, Ontario

Laps one two and three were filled with junior attacks off the front only to be caught every time without fail including a few initiated and drawn back by myself. As the peloton settled into a rhythm of a long boring race there was an effort by Rob Bruce that was let out for a longer stretch than the last 25 break attempts, slowly he gained a 10 or so second advantage and I decided it was time to press. I bridged up the gap to him and without saying a word for pretty much the rest of the race we were on, hammering the pedals we used what was sure to be confusion of passing fields to gain a minute advantage that we held, for the rest of the race. Working well together we were taking turns inside and outside of the wind gusts that were sure to be splintering the group a minute back.  Calabogie Motorsports Park offered us a great venue with wide turns that allowed for some easy math to see exactly how far back the group was. Sitting at around 50 seconds I assumed was a safe pace to set, slowly I worked that gap to 1:30 and that’s where it stuck to the final seconds where a well-executed final sprint offered to me as a lead out before the final meters, where I took the w. Another year at Calabogie another great success.

Thanks to the supporters for sticking out the cold and those at home waiting to hear the good news, the start of another incredible year, guaranteed.